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Why Your Target Audience Matters in Social Media Creation

If you're a newer small business owner, you may feel confused about the idea of how exactly your target audience will play a role in social media content creation. Target audiences not only determine the kind of content you're posting but what hashtags, captions, and photos will be used in the process.

To start, let's first understand the meaning of your primary, secondary, and tertiary audience. While your primary and secondary audience will be the main focal point of your marketing, pinpointing a potential third audience can also help expand your view into who exactly should care about your services, and where these people can be found on social media.

Below are some tactics that may prove useful in using your target audience to the fullest:

1) Analyze your primary and secondary audience through hashtags. Hashtags, particularly when used on Instagram, can lead to discovery. When you use a hashtag continuously, your content will begin to appear on other user's homepage--or even as a user's ''Recommends.''

When using a hashtag on Instagram, consider using up to 30 in the comment section for increased visibility. For Facebook, consider using up to 3 at the bottom of your caption.

When choosing your hashtags, use of a mix of the most popular and least. Selecting buzz worthy hashtags may seem like a good choice. However because a hashtag with 10 million + photos is constantly drowned out by new photos...the chances of your post being seen also reduces.

2) Use hashtags to study your competitors. As your competitors will likely have the same target audience, check to see what they're doing to engage with their community. Are there any tactics you see that are constantly being used? What about graphics? Aesthetics? These are all things worth taking account of.

3) Use your target audience to determine SEO keywords. When creating blog posts, the category you place your article under can make a difference in where your blog will show up when a user searches for similar content on Google.

Apps like Ubersuggest are great places to start.

4) Use your target audience to outline marketing campaigns. The effectiveness of any marketing campaign will rely solely on your ability to write a good description, analyze your analytics, and gage just where exactly your target audience is located.

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