• Michelle Hughes

Why You Shouldn't Put All Your Eggs in One (App)

With the recent news of the United States banning TikTok, social media influencers and business managers alike have been struck with a very real reminder: even the most popular social media apps aren't infallible or everlasting.

Putting all your hope (or content planning efforts) into one or two apps has its pros and cons. On one hand, and while focusing on a limited number of apps can immensely aid in organization and community building, not having a backup plan in case that app is terminated can result in a very confusing (and not to mention stressful!) scenario.

Below are a few other reasons for why you shouldn't put all your trust in one app:

1) Your target audience is everywhere. While figuring out which app(s) works best for you it's important to come down to at least two apps that will provide the best exposure for your work efforts.

2) Your target audience is missing out on you. It's one thing to have a reason to use Instagram over Facebook or Twitter over Instagram. To not consider either option, however, can lead to missed opportunities.

Don't be afraid to experience (and fail!)

3) Newer apps are still new, and therefore aren't as predictable as apps that have withstood at least 3-5 years of longevity. Reliance is key when it comes to community building. If you cannot determine whether or not your app will be around in the next year...it's probably time to expand your social media plan and seek other avenues for exposure.

It's not enough to focus on trending apps because trends come and go.

4) Should that app be temporarily ''shut down'' because of a hacker or server issue, your audience will be looking for you on other apps. Though this may prove more valuable to larger companies and influencers, considering where your audience will get updates from, and should the shut down last longer than 24 hours, being present on more than one app can mean the difference between an informed and confused audience.


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