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Why Use a Content Planner

Whether you're a social media manager or entrepreneur, the benefits of using a content planner are almost endless. From time management to organization, we've compiled a list of the many reasons why you (should!) use one.

1) Organization becomes all the more easier. Ever find yourself stuck wondering 'What should I create today?' or 'What should my social media posts look like this week?' The amount of time (and stress) you'll save by condensing your brainstorming session into a singular/monthly session is substantial.

Content planners aren't just another way to stay on track. They can also serve as a life saver should you find yourself stuck in a time crunch or unexpected happening that prevents you from accessing your perusal amount of creative time/creation.

2) Time management becomes more familiar. Are you someone who finds it hard to multitask? When using a content planner, everything you're supposed to work on (and when) becomes clearer because your activities, posting times, and other creative endeavors will be presented in full.

Although 4/5 people don't use a content planner, the relationship between time management and content planning work hand in hand!

3) Consistency becomes more precise. Consistency is KEY when it comes to social media creation. An inconsistent feed, and even an inconsistency of content, can result in lack of new followers, conversation, and overall interest.

Knowing what the why and when behind your posts can potentially save you from producing more content that's only left you stagnant.

4) Keeps your audience engaged and in the loop. Similar to the previous, consistency is not something your auidence should have to look for. And if your feed is that great, that organization, and that aesthetically pleasing, your audience will let you know you're doing a good job.

An engaged audience will voice their excitement and continue the conversation. An audience that's lacking, or not genuine, is more likely to 'spam like' (aka, pretend they're engaged and reading your posts/captions), unfollow, or follow to unfollow (aka, an Instagram account that mass follows social media accounts and unfollows everyone in 2-3 days).

5) Visibility, followings, and likes will potentially improve. As goes with any efficient social media account, the work behind the actual presentation is what will drive in results.

Keep track of your analytics. Jot down notes, successes, and downfalls in your content planner to ensure you won't repeat anything that shouldn't be repeated, and repeat anything that should be repeated.

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