• Michelle Hughes

Why People (Would Want to) Invest in Your Business

Growing your business can prove a tricky task. And if you're new to the social media game, growing your business accounts can be even tricker. Below, we've highlighted just a (few) of the many ways people would want to invest in your business just by looking at your social media.

1) By looking at your social media, your audience knows who YOU are and what YOU'RE about. To some, the worse case scenario is a business account that doesn't stand out. When users visit that page, they find the content bland or even ''too busy'' or unorganized (sound familiar?) But actually...one of the other ways you can miss out on a potential follow, or long term follower, is by refraining from showing more of YOU and the behind the scenes of YOUR life.

Storytelling can do wonders. Put yourself in the place of a stranger. What would they NOT know about you just by reading your captions? It's true that as entrepreneurs (and that including influencers ) there is no need to share all of you or your life story. What matters is three things: your why, what about, and what's currently happening.

Think about it. If you're doing more selling than talking, or more marketing than personalization, your page is nothing but a collection of advertisements!

2) By looking at your social media, your audience can immediately admire your brand/personality for your UNIQUE style, communication/storytelling skills, offerings (e.g., resources, quotes, or product), and overall aesthetic.

...Because one way to also loose a potential follower or sale is by downplaying your amazing services with a boring or unattractive feed. First impressions matter just as much on Instagram as they do in interviews.

Aesthetics and organization can mean the difference between someone shopping at one place over another. And contrary to popular belief, sometimes it really is the creative execution that achieves more than the actual product (or service) itself.

3) Your track record and authenticity prove true by way of your comment section. While the comment section itself has its pros and cons of reliability when it comes to analytics...long, wordy comments can actually win a potential customer over.

What's more attractive than an aesthetically pleasing (and purposeful) page is an audience engagement rate to match.

4) You strive for building a genuine relationship PRIOR to pitching your actual service or product. If there's one thing that turns people off, it's opening up your Direct Messages on Instagram and discovering a sales pitch from an entrepreneur who isn't following you.

While this ''hack'' may appear genius, the approach is actually both a waste of time and, more often than not, detrimental to your overall reception. If you want to win a sale, you have to win people over. And if you want to win people over, you actually have to make an effort to form genuine relationships.

5) You actively communicate with your audience by way of your overall progress, struggle, or successes. Similar to our first point, building on your entrepreneur story can often connect more bridges on social media than the traditional way of selling your story to your audience.

Nowadays, people don't want to sold something and are smart enough to see through advertisements. What people want is an idea (or mission) to believe in, and one of the easiest ways to achieve this is by opening up about your journey.

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