• Michelle Hughes

The Principles of Trial and Error on Instagram

If you're new to Instagram (or even an experienced user) the principles of trial and error can prove difficult to recall by instinct. But as the saying goes...practice makes perfect. And even the most successful content creators, managers, and influencers are bound to come across tribulation.

Below are some optimistic perspectives and sayings that may help you along your social media journey.

1) Choose lesson over conflict. It's natural to want to give into the temptation of feeling like a failure when a social media post doesn't preform as well as you expected it, when your latest social media promotion drives in little to no traffic, or when your social media pages, in general, are at a standstill.

The key is to acknowledge these statistics and emotions exist.

2) Choose value and data over comparison and assumption. Like any entrepreneur, it's guaranteed you, too, will come across occasions of pure envy, self-doubt, and imposter's syndrome. Tackling this will be different from the next. Sometimes, and depending on how deep rooted your insecurities are, the process of unlearning may even last a lifetime.

The key is to find power in the available analytics. Referring to analytics and the right community support can help promote a more flourishing (and longer lasting) business mindset!

3) When all doesn't go as planned, consider the new possibilities that await you, and what will now result from the wisdom you've now acquired. Similar to the previous, paying attention to the wisdom of every happening and business project will save you a lot of stress. The narrative here, however, concerns what you actually MAKE of your situation in the coming days and weeks, and how much you've changed in your REACTION the next time.

4) No social media journey is the same. Growth and prosperity are not linear, nor are they universal. Using your competitors as a way to understand the ''new'' is key to keeping your own feed on track. The part where this attempt may fall short is when you start to compare, when you start to apply negative traits to your efforts (e.g., not doing enough or not doing things ''perfectly''), and when you find yourself thinking things like ''I could never do that'' or ''I won't be that successful because I'm not as (fill in the blank) inclined.''

As creators, we are already worthy of all the possibilities we seek to accomplish. The moment these things become ours is when actually put in the work to make it happen.

5) Numbers are just numbers. For the better or worse, numbers and 'likes' can play mind games on even the most experienced content creator. At the end of the day, however, the mission or calling will always prove more fulfilling than the actual project. Why? Because the calling is less likely to change, and your calling cannot be determined by anyone else but YOU!

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