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The Most (Basic) Instagram Content Formula

Any successful Instagram post will achieve most (and if not all) of the following: relatability, marketability, and uniqueness. The task of landing yourself on the Instagram homepage is easier said than done and, while a seemingly rocky journey if you're new to the social platform, is actually fairly easy to achieve should your page already promote a purposeful and aesthetically pleasing feed, relevant hashtag usage in (all!) of your posts, and consistent conversation starters with your audience.

Below are some other design tactics that may assist you in the content creation process:

1) Keep your captions short and simple. Long captions generally work best when the image itself cannot speak entirely on its own. The Instagram caption serves a variety of purpose. This includes but is not limited to: allowing users to talk WITH their audience, allowing users to expand on discussions with their audience, allowing users to exercise their storytelling abilities, and finally allowing users to expand on the marketing aspects of the image.

The thing is this: no one likes a long Instagram caption because the design of the Instagram app itself caters towards a more ''fast'' readability experience. Should you use a longer caption (as seen with accounts like National Geographic or media like the NY Times that caption should only expand on details your audience couldn't scroll without.

2) Refrain from being ''too vague'' or ''too unrecognizable.'' In contrast to the previous, if you specialize in an industry that requires you to be more transparent than the average business account (e.g., the transparency of a wellness blogger v. a pop singer) hiding behind your screen and not revealing a bit of who you are or what your mission is about can lead to miscommunication or, even worse, a complete lack of interest in your brand.

What makes YOU different? What about your services, product, or blog is different from your competitors? And another question: why should someone follow YOUR Instagram page v. your competitors?

Addressing these questions can be achieved through the power of the Instagram caption.

3) Refrain from posting content YOU like. To be more specific...opt for posting content your COMMUNITY will like and find all the more likelier to mention, tag, or direct message to their friends.

Staying true to your brand's aesthetics can prove beneficial to establishing a recognizable online presence. The point where this falls short is when the content you put out doesn't meet the quality or creative consistency (any) brand be putting out. Be honest. When visiting your own page, is the aesthetic of your feed cohesive? Consistent? How does your feed compare to the most popular of your niche? While you evidently want to stand out...certain factors like color and font size can prove universal because they've proven to be most pleasing to the eye.

Extra tip: Graphic design apps like Canva can prove useful in the content creation process because their website automatically saves previously made templates. This way, and should you find yourself creating content on your own, you don't have to stress about drafting your font sizes, text, and other graphic components from scratch.

4) Stick to a content schedule. Posting regularly (be it daily or every other day) can prove beneficial in terms of user-community engagement. Not only will your audience become custom to seeing your posts at a certain time of the day, but posting at the same time can also increase your engagement and overall discoverability should that be during your audience's peak activity.

Sticking to a schedule can also help alleviate procrastination and, instead, encourage beneficial brainstorming sessions, organization, and overall creative execution.

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