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The Importance of Quality vs. Quantitiy in Digital Marketing

More than ever, social media has offered social media managers unique access to digital marketing advice. A popular ‘’food for thought’’ suggests that quality is often more important the quantity a brand uploads to their accounts. A brand that uploads five posts to their Instagram feed throughout the week, all of which encompassing acceptable use of graphics or font size, will experience more user engagement than that of a brand that uploads two posts per day with lazy (or even confusing) creative efforts. On the other hand…some of the more popular websites are known to upload two or three images across their social media with high user engagement.

So what’s the catch? I’ve summarized a few more tips below.

Understand the State of Your Brand’s Influence

When a user comes across a brand they’ve never seen before it will generally take less than 5 seconds for them to scroll through your feed (be it Instagram or Twitter) and determine if your account has purpose. This is why presentation is key. The early success of your brand will rely heavily on establishing your brand personality, building customer reviews (if you have a product), or communicating with your audience either through captions or in-person events. It’s not so much about selling yourself 24-7—because telling someone your brand is worth the attention because ‘’it just is’’ seldom convinces.

At this point what matters just as much as your marketing efforts is a source of entertainment, learning environment, or discussion hub for your online communities.

If your brand’s influence is relatively fresh, research your competitors to see what they’re doing. From there, take mental notes of everything from color, Instagram stories, to content strategy. What seems to be working? What doesn’t? Are there techniques (many) brands in your industry seem to reflect? Make a list of these things and decide what you could possibly alter.

Remember: the goal isn’t always to produce content, but to produce content that’s unique enough to make someone think ‘’Hey, I want more of that.’’

Consistency is Key

Newer content creators may sometimes forget that consistency plays a key role in website presentation. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all of your colors and fonts have to be the same. In fact, some of the most popular sites like Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso tend to experiment with obvious forms of color, text, and simplistic graphics. But just as these qualities can be captivating, a lack of creative planning can lead to a far too ‘’busy’’ atmosphere. Addressing this can take a lot of backtracking…but in short, it can prove helpful to pinpoint at least one font for the body text and headers, a font size for the body text and headers, and then a primary color that represents your brand as a whole.

From there, any additional elements should be tested before going live.

Consistency within your posting schedule always plays a key role in how your audience will remember your content. If you tend to experience the most activity around noon, keep posting at that time. As the weeks pass, anyone who follows your page will naturally take note that a post from your brand will occur in this same time frame. The same thing applies to those who post in both the early morning (8AM) and evening (5PM).

Additionally, adhering to a posting schedule can improve procrastination habits as you’ll be expecting yourself (or staff) to have all content ready to go come morning!

Quantity Doesn’t Always Mean Great Results

Brands that tend to post multiple times a day without negatively impacting their reach tend to already have an established audience. This means that even if a post is uploaded somewhat outside of their typical posting schedule their audience is so large that there will almost always be someone online to see it. Newer brands, although having little-no audience to judge them, have an easier time getting away with experimentation their content for this same reason. However it’s important to note that the need for quality in these same posts should become more apparent as your brand grows.

Key Takeaways

In all, do what’s best for your brand! Pay special attention to your social media insights, and when you do try something new with your content…think about the pros and cons of each creative element.

Your social media accounts can only go so far if there’s no calculation involved.


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