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Social Media Management and Brand Growth in 2020

Gone are the days when the relationship between small businesses and social media was entirely optional. In 2020, brands are relying heavily on the success of their social media managers and SEO tactics because that’s where the majority of their target audience is: social media. Hashtags, in particular, have allowed users to discover brands they wouldn’t normally have access to. So when someone follows your business account or tags a friend, you can imagine this as the equivalent to that same person using the classic ‘’word of mouth’’—except this interaction can be amplified to hundreds, if not thousands of times on a daily basis. This is where analytics (or social media insights) play a key role in helping us understand the data of a single business account, as without this information a brand is bound to fall under the impress that an increase in their follower count indicates brand growth. It doesn’t. And here’s why.

Understanding the difference between brand growth and follower count really comes down to two things. The first is the rate of engagement. Let’s say an account that specializes in posting celebrity quotes (with roughly two million followers) publishes a photo. From initial glance, one might assume that because of the higher follower count they must have loads of comments, likes, and reposts. Upon taking a closer look, however, it turns out that the most of the account’s content totals around a hundred or so likes per photo and even fewer comments. Even more suspicious…after some investigating you realize that at least thirty of the users that ‘’liked’’ their recent photo aren’t even following the main account. So what’s the conclusion? In this case, it is possible that the owner of the account is buying followers and likes to make (real) users fall under the impression their content is worth following—because a lot of people already are. The second thing worth noticing is the lack of genuine community engagement. The amount of times your posts generate conversation, tags, and reposts says a lot about how well your content is connecting with the existing industry. There’s a lot of content already out there—so what makes your stuff different? Ironically, the answer to this can be found in what your audience is telling you or other people comment section.

Additional tip: Don’t be so quick to identity ‘’brand growth’’ as a comment that goes something along the lines of ‘’This is good!’’ followed by a cute heart emoji. Interactions that indicate true engagement will be consistent and directlyrespond to the content you’re posting—the graphic itself or the caption. If you’re experiencing trouble with this, try creating posts that are specifically made to prompt an emotional response.

Developing a firm KPI (or key performance indicator) can also help measure the success of an organization (or activity, such as social media management) within a certain duration of time. Think of this as a business objective. It can be created monthly, or even weekly. Although tricky, certain questions to ask when creating a KPI might include What is my desired outcome, Why does this outcome matter, and How will I measure this outcome? As mentioned by Klipfolio,‘’KPIs need to be more than just arbitrary numbers. They need to express something strategic about what your organization is trying to do. You can (or should be able to) learn a lot about a company’s business model just by looking at their KPIs. Without writing out a clear objective, all of this will be lost.’’

In all, social media analytics is the one of best indicators of brand growth because its data derives directly from your rate of engagement and community presence. Applying this data to your marketing strategy can not only help save your content from being lost in the heap of what’s out there—it can also ensure your future content will always be tailored for your growing community.


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