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The (Right) Way Post Content on Social Media During Coronavirus

During these strange times small businesses and social media marketers have found themselves stuck wondering what exactly to post during a pandemic. A few things you may have pondered this past month might include how to write content that’s more topical or what exactly to show your audience if they’re possibly short on finance. Below we’ve included some tips that may help you:

1) Create posts that reference encouragement and finding stability. Although business accounts will naturally differ by industry most users can find a bridge to implement the topic of wellness into their content schedule. This can be as simple as reminding your audience that they are worthy or that they, too, should especially take the time to look out for their health. Another way social media managers can connect with their audience is by providing links to other accounts (whether local or national) that offer extensive resources in relation to therapy, food, or other essential needs.

2) Talk about universal ideas like budgeting, community, or communication. Spark conversation with your audience! For example, to extend the use of your IG story try posting polls or questions. Not only will this make your page interactive, but it will also give you the opportunity to understand the current state of your audience. How are they feeling? What things do they want to see more of? Although the best community managers will already know the answer it’s more important than ever to stay in tune with your inner circle.

3) Consider which products or services are most essential to your audience right now. The fact is this: due to the change in the economy your customers may feel less inclined to invest in your brand at the moment. If you mustmarket a product, consider tailoring your caption to make your pitch feel more genuine. Remember: the goal here isn’t to push marketing but to create marketing campaigns that strike reason, relevance and, if not most importantly, sincerity.

4) Avoid posting captions that spread panic or hearsay. Remember, your target audience sees you as their beacon in a storm. If the beacon feels unstable, why would an existing customer continue to believe it is worth sticking around? During these times your followers will especially long for content that either encourages, educates, or entertains them. Before you post something, consider what value that post offers the reader.


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