• Michelle Hughes

Revisiting Your Content Plan (Post) Covid-19

The reality is that even though businesses are reopening, and with businesses seemingly slipping back into the ease of posting regular content, it is more important to revisit your content plan. What has changed since the dawn of the pandemic? Has your audience shifted their needs and wants for your online community? What about representation? Have you reflected on how your business has, up until this point, addressed the subject in your feed, subject matter, or panel of ambassadors?

These questions are more common than you think. Below are some quick (and easy) solutions:

1) Pinpoint three pros and cons of the old content plan, and how these aspects stand post Covid-19. For example, how affective are your top priorities now? Even more important, are these priorities serving your audience?

2) Study at your competitors. What have they done differently since the pandemic? Are these changes effective? Additionally, how can you incorporate these changes into your own feed?

3) Study your analytics. How have your analytics changed post Covid-19? Were these factors caused by a lack (or increase) of social media usage? Or did this have more to do with a change in content or posting? The answer to this question will vary between account and industry—and it’s important these numbers will continue to be considered in your future content plan.

4) Challenge your creativity. Nothing is worse than a content plan that remains stuck in its own stage of aesthetics, graphic design, or photography. Expand the horizon of your feed (and inner creative!) and produce content that proves refreshing.

5) Strive for the bigger picture. What is the primary goal of your online community beyond your mission statement? How does your current content serve your target audience? How can you reach more of your target audience? These are questions to ask at least every other month in both your marketing and content plan.

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