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On Digital Marketing and SEO: an Interview CEO Ethan Hirschberg

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing it can be hard to find companies that aren’t afraid to show their face, personality, or brand voice just as often as they do their services. Our CEO and founder of Growth Click Marketing Solutions, Ethan Hirschberg, is no exception to this. Born and raised in Carlsbad, Hirschberg’s entrepreneur spirit took root at an early age.

Today, he shares a bit more of his story.

1. Tell us about yourself! Are you a native to San Diego?

My name is Ethan Hirschberg, proud Founder and CEO of Growth Click Marketing Solutions! I've been an entrepreneur all my life, starting my first business when I was eight years old. Born and raised in Carlsbad, I'm constantly learning, spending time with friends and family, practicing martial arts, and working on new ventures.

2. What’s the creation story behind Growth Click Marketing? How did this idea for a company come about?

Growth Click Marketing Solutions was founded after the initial success of my blog, which started in March 2017. Fast forward three years later and it’s grown into a massive viewership spanning seventy different countries. I was constantly asked how I was able to market my website and social media pages so well, and once I was asked to create one for an acquaintance, realized the full business potential.

3. What’s your opinion on the current impact social media marketing has on American culture?

Social media and its marketing techniques are honestly a staple in American culture. We get our news, business, products, life updates all from social media. With billions of worldwide users, social media is impacting individuals across all walks of life. Businesses need to take advantage of that.

4. Do you believe in the ‘’one-size-fits-all’’ theory when it comes to marketing solutions?

Absolutely not! Every business is unique. Every business has its own DNA that makes it special and different. Digital marketing needs to be customized to each individual company. Sure, some strategies may be used similarly in business, but the way that they are specifically implemented should be different dependent on the brand.

5. Do you believe a small business can compete in today’s marketing climate without additional digital marketing services?

In my professional opinion small businesses have slim chances of success without digital marketing. Nearly everyone is on social media nowadays, and not having a great online presence is a definite reason as to why many businesses fail within the first year or two. Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Yelp…it's crucial.

6. How important is SEO when it comes to digital marketing?

SEO is another crucial piece in a successful digital marketing strategy. You can have an amazing website with outstanding features…but if nobody sees it, what's the point? SEO is the way to launch websites to the top of Google, and I'm proud to say that the Growth Click team has a 96% rate of getting clients to the #1 spot.

7. Some will say that effective storytelling is the least of a company’s concerns when it comes to marketing. Do you believe this is true?

This is absolutely false. effective storytelling is actually key when it comes to good marketing strategy. Stories can be told in many ways: blog posts, flyers, brochures, videos, photos, etc. If a company doesn't know how to tell their story, how are they supposed to explain their products/services?

8. Is the role of a social media marketer becoming more valuable to businesses? Why or why not?

The role of a social media marketer for businesses has always been extremely valuable. The importance is just becoming more publicized nowadays. The role of a marketer is to advertise, publicize, and promote.

9. What might readers be surprised to know about Growth Click Marketing’s story?

Some readers may be surprised to learn that Growth Click Marketing Solutions was actually rebranded in 2019. Growth Click was initially called Ethan Hirschberg Enterprises and was a sole proprietorship. After substantial growth and the need to hire employees, Ethan Hirschberg Enterprises was rebranded and formed a LLC.

10. On a business level, what separates Growth Click Solutions from its competitors?

We separate ourselves from the rest of our competition a few ways. Besides providing outstanding services and customer service, we actually get involved with the community. Through corporate social responsibility, we strive to improve our local community.

11. Finally, where do you see the state of social media marketing in 10 years?

Right now, businesses without social media marketing strategy have slim chances of long-term success. In 10 years, I truly believe that "slim" will become "zero." Without social media marketing, business will have zero chance of long-term success.


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