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North County Martial Arts: From Digital Marketing to Digital Performers

Located in Carlsbad, North County Martial Arts (NCMA) is a martial arts studio and after school program that teaches the traditional martial art of Tang Soo Do—a Korean fighting style that encompasses karate striking techniques and grappling self-defense from Shotokan karate, Subak, taekkyon, and Kung Fu. An emphasis on teaching life skills, in addition to the studio, is what sets them apart from your typical after school program. This is where digital marketing plays a key role in (any) company’s success story. With the amount of local competition in the martial arts industry…it can be hard for business owners to simplify their unique selling point!

Our CEO and founder Ethan Hirschberg discovered NCMA through his presence in the martial arts field. From December 2018 to October 2019, Growth Click Marketing Solutions provided a full website redesign, social media marketing, and search engine optimization services. Like most websites, in the very beginning their analytics was in need of improvement.

Before their consultation, NCMA’s data consisted of:

- 63% SEO ranking

- 17 broken links

- 13 second page loading time

- 625 monthly page views

- $44,000 monthly revenue

After consultation, NCMA’s data improved with a 92% SEO ranking, 0 broken links, 1.9 second page loading time, 1,890 monthly page views, and $56,000 monthly revenue!

When it comes to companies like NCMA, establishing a community is often not enough succeed in the world of digital marketing. Analytics are essential to brand growth because the backbone of these numbers indicate why a page isn’t preforming well or how a website increase their audience reach. Instead of asking ourselves why our company isn’t producing sales, or why our social media posts aren’t gaining traction, the bigger questions should address what can be done for the sake of the audience. Website speeds, navigation tools, and hyperlinks are just the beginning. Expanding your attention to what social media tactics can be tailored (or added) will ensure your company is looking out for the best of who comes across your page.

As of today, NCMA is proud to report a major increase in student population and sales!


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