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The Influence of Social Media During Covid-19

It’s a given that Covid-19 has impacted the way society has approached social media. After running a poll on our Instagram we saw that roughly 89% of our followers reported using social media more since the dawn of the pandemic.

But how exactly should social media managers tailor their content to address their target audience’s new needs? We’ve highlighted some key ideas below:

1) Choose quality over quantity. It may feel natural to want to provide your audience with more content since their engagement has likely increased. However the worst thing anyone can do (regardless of present social changes) is to push out content that holds no direct purpose. If you want to up your posting game, consider doing a trial run of posts during certain times of the day. This way, and once you do upload twice (or more) daily, you can ensure you audience is actually seeing your hard work.

2) Pay special attention to opportunities for group discussion. Regardless of your industry, it’s important to communicate with your audience during difficult times. Instead of posting about your fears or concerns, consider a posting a prompt that addresses your audience’s status. How are they feeling? Is there anything they would like to see more from your page? These are questions you should already have answered—which can be done through polls, captions, or blog posts.

3) Do not ‘’sell’’ or ‘’market’’ unless it feels natural. The point is this: during times like these not everyone has the means to invest in additional services or product. If you must advertise, consider tailoring your sales pitch to address how you can help solve something absolutely essential and in relation to the crisis.

4) Host a community discussion. Whether you’re a book blogger, influencer, or wellness channel your existing audience can benefit from engaging live streams. Simply choose a relevant topic, draft an outline for the show, and share the invitation.

5) Host a fun giveaway. Consider treating your customers to something they already love. Small shops can especially benefit from giveaways—especially if the rules request for the user to tag a friend. (Free advertising!)

6) Avoid speaking in the singular. This is something many small businesses should already be aware of. When it comes to brand voice, you want to ensure your target audience feels distinctly apart of your mission—not an asset to it. When drafting your captions try to avoid using ‘’I’’ and opt for words like we, us, or our.


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