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How Covid-19 Is Helping Social Media (and Why it Matters to Your Business)

It's a given that Covid-19 has drastically changed the world of social media marketing and how small businesses have approached marketing. While many may (naturally) feel discouraged by these cultural shifts, we at Growth Click Marketing are here to remind you that there is nothing to be afraid of, and there are benefits to change.

Below are some cons (and their pros!) brought up by the pandemic:

1) Social media engagement times have shifted. With social media users staying home more, this means that their social media activity has also increased. As revealed in a recent article posted by SproutSocial, ''In some cases, we found that these times have shifted more in just the last few weeks of changed behavior than they did from 2019 to early 2020.''

And this is true. Your analytics, and how they will continue to progress throughout the pandemic, will vary between industry and your existing target audience. The pro of this is that these changes can be positively used to your advantage when relying on social media insights and strict content planning as your guide.

2) Social media ''burn out'' is proving to be more widespread. Have you found yourself turning away from your devices more these past few weeks? Social media burn out (or social media exhaustion) is a reality that has become true for many users who have found themselves almost too tied up with Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube. The pro of this? While social media managers cannot directly solve social media exhaustion we can continue to use our insights, polls, and live-streams to better understand how our audience is feeling.

3) Social media audience ''needs'' and ''wants'' are more important than ever. Cultural shifts, but especially those in relation to politics, have not only proven to impact our relationship with our audiences but how well our audiences trust us in the long run. Not paying attention to headlines can result in a lack of awareness not just in your content plan, but also in your overall mission and brand voice.

Community is everything when it comes to a successful page. And without community, your business accounts would be nothing. Let your audience know you hear them and are with them, and the results will follow.

4) With more people home, and with more people looking for sources of education/entertainment, your execution of the ''new'' and ''creative'' must be sharp as ever. The fact of the matter is this: aesthetics have always been important. But with more users using social media longer--meaning that more users will be looking for pages to follow, including yours--first impressions can mean the difference between someone sharing your page and unfollowing.

Whatever you do now or later with your content plan, ensure that you can continue with any recent changes to the same height and consistency as you did with your old content.

Social media is like a train: without the lead car, whatever follows will have no place to go but forward.


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