• Michelle Hughes

Here's Why You Should Stop Using Your Instagram DM as a Pitching Machine

What is your DM? If you have an Instagram account, this is better recognized as your Direct Messages. Direct messages are a great and personal way to connect with your audience and friends. Whether you're new to the game or a more advanced user, direct messages also provide the unique opportunity to pitch, collaborate, and form long term relationships with those you admire.

But where do we draw the line? Or, better yet, when and how can direct messages do the opposite of their job? We've outlined a few examples below of what not to do.

1) Using your DM as a pitching machine. Let's be clear: no one likes spam, and just like door-to-door salespeople very few will actually respond to a pitch, let alone develop a genuine interest to pay into your services.

When you make a sale, your client is making a personal investment in you because they believe you are essential to their growth. This is not to be confused with a client (or customer) paying for you to complete the assigned task. The difference in this verbiage comes down to a contrast in business-client relationship. On one hand, you have a scenario where the most successful client experiences revolve around great communication, teamwork, and navigation. On the flip side, and what pitching potential customers prior to making a few exchanges does, you have a scenario where it is more than obvious you, as the entrepreneur, view your client as $$$ more than a business in need.

2) Using your DM to ask users to follow, like or support your business. Not only is this annoying, but messages from users you're not already following generally end up in your ''General'' section of your DM, which basically means your message is less likely to be immediately seen.

If you're looking to expand your community, you need to actually put in the work, time, and effort it takes to make your account stand out. Exciting, unique content will attract new attention on its own.

3) Ignoring the power of your DM altogether. Interacting with IG stories can improve your networking status. Follow accounts (or users) you generally admire, and who are also within your niche, can also lead to the expansion of your own community.

Don't know where to start? Consider searching through relevant hashtags to discover new accounts. The more you interact or view content the likelier Instagram will recommend you to similar accounts and, to you, accounts you may like.

4) Sending your latest posts to random users (or users who follow you). Again, not only is this spam behavior, but users who love your content shouldn't have to receive a reminder from you to know new content is there. If anything, those who truly admire the work you put out will set up notifications for your account (meaning they will be notified each time you post to your IG story or feed) or they will, as the nature of Instagram goes, 'Like' or 'Comment' on your posts.

Is there anything else you would add to this list? For more content, follow us at @growthclickmarketing on Instagram and Facebook!


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