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Finding Advertising Balance in Your Digital Marketing Efforts

We’ve all been there: we visit a brand’s social media account and find ourselves bombarded by sales gimmicks. We scroll some more. We click away. The conclusion: our interest was quickly unpleased.

It’s simple. Whether you’re an Instagram or Facebook person, this experience is far too common. When a user comes your site they should feel inspired to ‘’follow’’ your page for more content—and who finds comfort in a page that is obviously (or constantly) selling their product? Although content marketing is key to increasing sales and building business-customer alliance there is a point where marketing tactics can become overwhelming. Still confused? Here’s some tips to help!

1) Space out your regular content and advertising posts. This is essential to creating a functional feed. Regardless of your industry, returning customers and readers alike will follow your page for soft news (information that’s important to know but not necessarily critical), hard news (breaking news or information readers must know today), or entertainment. That’s it. Anything else, such as advertising or call-to-action feed posts, should be laced within your content calendar with careful calculation. As an emerging small business or community manager, your best bet at increasing sales isn’t necessarily the marketing of your product but the creation and variety of posts that tie into your brand’s relevance in people’s lives.

…Trust leads to purchases!

2) When creating an ad or call-to-action post, talk with the reader and not at them. Remember: a call-to-action can be discreet as asking users to ‘’follow your page for the latest tea.’’ The last thing anyone wants is told be told they should invest their time into a brand because they’re being instructed to. Why should someone pay attention to your social media? What does your social media offer to your readers? If your answer leans more towards sales and marketing…it’s likely time to revise your mission as a brand.

A better answer would go something along the lines of: ‘’We strive to provide our users information and entertainment’’ or ‘’Our mission is to create a safe place for users to discuss their views and discover new topics.’’

3) Don’t make your marketing obvious. It sounds simple, but for many this can be a hard thing to do! Some of the best advertisements hardly sound like a marketing pitch at all. In a good scenario, a user should be able to read an advertisement and immediately know the why, when, and where of the message without feeling like they’re being ‘’sold’’ on something.

This is also where good communication comes into play. Don’t be afraid to express your brand personality! If your company culture is casual and witty, all of your content should reflect the same. Which brings us to our next point…

4) Exhume your brand voice 24/7. This is essential to expanding your online communities. Because text makes it harder to ‘’hear’’ a person’s true personality, it’s never been more important to be confident in expressing yourself (accordingly) through captions and Instagram stories. Selling a product takes more than a good graphic. In order to gain someone’s trust, you have make them feel like they’re talking to a human being that actually cares about their needs. Using words like we, us, and together are simple ways to achieve this.


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