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Easy Ways to Communicate with Your Community or Clients During Covid-19

Many businesses have found themselves stuck pondering what exactly their audience needs during Covid-19. Providing external resources, for example, are not enough. In fact, the subject matter we're talking about today is brand reassurance and support.

Whether you're a corporate or small businesses, any brand name that has a history of business-client relationships may run the risk of having these same connections fall short if simple things, like public relations or communications, are put on the back burner during the pandemic.

That's why we've provided a list of potential ideas for you to consider:

1) Check in with your community/clients. If you're in the means to do so, draft a template to send to each of your clients. This can be as simple as ''I hope you're well!'' or ''Hang in there!'' message. Doing this can lead to a more trusting business relationship.

2) Participate in random acts of kindness. Acts of kindness can go a long way. Take the ''paid Starbucks order'' scenario for example. It's undeniable that when a stranger in front of us at check out covers our total we're instantly put in a good mood. So why not carry this tradition into business? This can be as simple as offering to forward $3 - $5 to an important client's PayPal or Venmo for their next coffee.

3) Offer genuine discounts on your services. Because many businesses have found themselves in a state of uncertainty, it's a given that not all employers and entrepreneurs will be looking for additional social media services. Now is the time to consider revising your pricing for not just the sake of your existing customers, but the state of your company's longevity as well.

4) Provide consistent updates. When was the last time you updated your client(s) or community about the state of your business? Your predictions for the next month? Communication is key when it comes to managing your business relationships, and if you continue to leave those who have invested their time and hard earned money into your brand out of the loop, there are bound to be shifts in your ability upkeep a thriving community.

5) Remind your clients of your contact info. During times like these, some individuals may simply feel hesitant to reach out or ask for clarification. By reassuring the community you're always there to address any questions or concerns, you automatically showcase the authenticity of your brand name.


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