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Digital Marketing and Reopenings: What to Expect with Covid-19

With many businesses both in San Diego and across the nation set to open back up, it’s a given that many companies (and maybe even your own) may feel unsure as to how exactly they should proceed with their digital marketing—or whether or not digital marketing is in the same place as it was prior to the pandemic. The short answer is: yes and no.

While digital marketing has seemingly prompted users to increase their community management game, the concept of digital marketing will always go back to the very basics of public relations. These concepts include but are not limited to: 1) communicating with your audience, 2) providing education, entertainment, or resources for your audience, and 3) elevating your brand name in a way that separates your content, message, and mission from existing, competing brands.

Below are some other predictions we have for digital marketing in 2020 and beyond:

1) Diversity and inclusion will continue to be ever more important. With recent happenings in the United States, the subject of representation—regardless of where your brand places itself in your industry—is now considered a hot topic. Online communities, especially when it comes to those centered within the publishing world, wellness, and pop culture, are finding themselves not only reevaluating their panel of employees but those they have come to represent up until this point. Penguin Press, for example, has publicly committed itself to publishing more books by people of color, increasing their annual donation to We Need Diverse Books, and become an inaugural sponsor of the Black Creatives Fund.

2) Social media management will have a heavier weight of addressing their community’s needs. Similar to the previous, it seems as though the role of online communities has elevated itself to a point of being a source of addressing their target audience’s concerns, encouragement, and suggestions. Shifts in our culture, as well as breaking news, has proven in this past year to be more than impactful when it comes to digital marketing—or even social media usage in general.

3) Businesses will have to become ‘’smarter’’ in terms of producing content that can outlast the long run. The reality is that even though businesses are opening, the pandemic itself is not over. With unpredictable data and a future ahead of us, creating content that avoids settling for the ‘’present’’ is not only important, but essential.

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