• Michelle Hughes

Daily Tasks to Preform on Your Instagram (and Why)

It's a given that new and experienced Instagram users will at some point (or continuously) question whether or not they're doing the most they can their social platform. From engagement to content creation, there are tons of things to consider when it comes to implementing a strategy that will pave way for a flourishing community, sales, and business relationships.

Below are some things to add to your (daily) content checklist:

1) Post on strict schedule. When you post on a schedule, your audience is more likely to remember the times you post. Additionally, by posting daily (or even every other day) your existing audience will be ensured that you are not only active but strive to communicate with them.

Using the caption section to talk WITH your audience can increase engagement rates and relatability.

2) Engage with likeminded accounts. But let's be clear...emojis and three word compliments (e.g., ''This is great!'') do not count. While shorter responses may seem to do the trick, it is actually longer comments that tend to bring out the most interest. By showing you actually viewed an Instagram post, users are more likely to check out your own profile and consider following back.

Why? Because they now know you're a real person with real intentions of wanting to connect.

3) Track your analytics. Instagram analytics change weekly. And especially with the reality that has become Covid-19, peak times, aka times that users are most active on the app, are constantly changing due to cultural and technological shifts.

Think about it. If you're someone who tends to lean on social media during your free time and now have all the time in the world to browse, imagine how strong of social media fatigue you will experience come the next few weeks. This same phycological analysis not only applies to Instagram, but the entirety of social media as a whole.

Keeping the previous in mind, tracking your analytics can potentially save you from posting at the wrong times and ensure your social media efforts won't go to waste.

4) Maintain long-term connections. Long-term connections can lead to collaboration, investment and, of course, $$$. Think about. Buying from someone you already and genuinely admire can take less convincing than a complete stranger actively trying to win you over.

5) Search for the latest trends. While trends should not take away the entirety of your social media efforts, they can provide an opportunity for growth, engagement, and discovery should your content land on the Instagram homepage or on someone's recommendation list.

Read the news. Search Instagram's most popular (and least popular) hashtags and decide if certain news topics may actually benefit the conversations happening on your own page.

6) Search for inspiration (and competitors). Knowing what already exists can mean the difference between continuing to create a copycat product or, even worse, creating content that people have already seen.

The most successful social media accounts bring something different to the table. Does your feed look like everyone else's? What's something different that other users would want to take away from you specifically? Once you have an answer, it will be much easier to not only create compelling content but decide your (social media) life's purpose.

What else would you add to this list? Follow us on Instagram @growthclickmarketing and continue the conversation.


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